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Board of Education of the City of New York

The Board of Education has an ambitious plan to provide computer and Internet resources to its population. On April 12, 2000, they presented a formal plan, which has since been changed. In September 2000 they replaced the Cyberspace Taskforce with the Committee on Technology, with a similar plan.
On January 24, 2001 a formal RFP (1B548) was issued. The proposal was due on 1 May.
LXNY summary of the RFP
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LXNY Press Release on the RFP
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Earlier `Teaching and Learning in Cyberspace Taskforce' plan bulletin text or LXNY Alert of June 2000 in PostScript.
In June 2000, LXNY issued a press release or press release in PostScript about the Board of Education plan.

Not-for-Profit Organization

Thank you to LXNY members who helped the Disabled Hotline with their computers.