The Three Jewels Buddhist Refuge and Free Internet Cafe

Free Software and Free Computer Outreach

The Three Jewels Buddhist Refuge runs a broad Free Software and Free Computer Outreach. Here are some parts of the Outreach:

1. New York City's only Free Internet Cafe based on Free Software.

2. The Free Software Workshops, most of which are held Sundays inside the Three Jewels. The workshops often combine elements of Install Fests and of Classes in Free Software.

3. The Computer Donation Program, which accepts gifts of computers, and if necessary, rehabilitates them, by both hardware repair and operating system upgrades to free OSes, and gives the improved machines to folk who can make use of them. Volunteers teach and learn both hardware repair and assembly, and also the basics of free software. In some special cases volunteers undertake long term maintenance of donated systems.

4. A growing library of books on computers and programming with free software.

All workshops are free and open to the public. Every member of every free software org, tribe, drinking club, and family, is invited, without prejudice, without fear, and without favor. Newcomers are particularly invited. Come down and join us, even if you are just starting to learn about free software.

The Three Jewels is a charitable organization and is recognized as such by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America. Thus donations are tax deductible.

The Three Jewels works with several local free software organizations, including, but not limited to, LXNY, GNUbies, and the VBB^WTINVBB. Individual volunteers are always needed, of all degrees, and for some projects certain alliances of organizations are of use. Do not be afraid to visit the Free Internet Cafe, or come to a workshop, to discuss possibilities.

To receive notifications of Three Jewels Free Software and Free Computer Outreach events and programs, send an email to, with "Three Jewels" in the subject line, and a request for information in the body.

Three Jewels Refuge and Free Internet Cafe
211 East 5th Street
east of Third Avenue
Island of the Manahattoes

Subway: Directions:
F/V Lower East Side/2nd Avenue (at Houston St.).
Lexington Avenue Local #6 Train to Astor Place and
Broadway Line N/R/W to 8th Street (at Broadway) follow the Bowery.
14th Street-Crosstown L train to 3rd Avenue.
Lesser distant: Bowery on the J/M/Z. (Z does not run on Sunday)
Lesser distant: West 4th Street on the A/C/E. (transfer avail to F-V)
Distant: Christopher Street/ Sheridan Square on the 1/9.
More distant: about a 20 minute walk from 14th Street on the 2/3 (via Greenwich Av)(also, free transfer available to the infrequent L).

Note that some of these lines may not run right every hour of every day.