LXNY General Meeting: Planning for PC Expo
Tuesday 1 June 1999

LXNY will have a general meeting Tuesday 1 June 1999.

This meeting is free and open to the public.

In particular, all members of NYLUG, LUNY!, AnyNIX, the Brooklyn Bunch, and all other Free Software Groups are welcome!

The meeting runs from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. After the meeting full and precise instructions on how to get to one of our traditional places of refreshment will be given in clear.

The meeting is at the IBM building at 590 Madison Avenue at East 57th Street on the Island of Manhattan.
Enter the building at the corner of Madison and 57th and ask at the desk for the floor and room number.

This meeting is mostly an organizational meeting for volunteers who wish to help educate the grand public and businesses and the mass media that:

1. Free Software exists,
2. The foundation of the Net is Free Software, and
3. Free Software is better than Bound Software.

PC Expo, the large trade show put on by the Miller Freeman Group, will be at New York's Javits Convention Center, starting 21 June 1999 and running through 24 June 1999. We invite all partisans of the Cause, all for-profit businesses and all not-for-profit organizations who use Free Software to join LXNY in letting the world know the facts of the case, our arguments in favor of Free Software, and our joy in using and writing and sharing Free Software.

The Press today thirsts for our story. Let us give them what they want, as hot and heavy as they can take it. Many businesses are today both fascinated by and doubtful of the seeming paradox of cooperation and competition among the people and the tribes of Free Software. Let us explain what we can of our world. And finally, most home users of computers do not yet know that today better OSes for what they do are available at low cost. Let us tell them.

At the PC Expo there will be a special pavilion called The Linux Pavilion. It is likely that this pavilion will be the first place that the mass media go to find out about Free Software. Let us make sure that they get as much of the story, and as much right, as we are able.

PC Expo New York City 21-24 June 1999

As always:

All who wish to volunteer to bring Free Software into schools and libraries are invited.

All who wish to tell of successes of Free Software are invited.
All who wish to tell of failures of Free Software are invited.

LXNY will meet regularly
the first Tuesday of each month at IBM throughout 1999.
LXNY and its supporters thank IBM for the donation of this meeting space.
LXNY also thanks those who,
inside and outside of IBM,
worked in favor of this gift.