LXNY Install Fest

with the support of
GNUbies and NYLUG

Thursday 19 April 2001

LXNY, with the GNUbies and NYLUG in support, are throwing a big Install Fest on Thursday 19 April 2001 on the Island of Manhattan.

This Install Fest is free and open to all.

This Install Fest is made possible through the work and kind generosity of the organizers and all the volunteers. We especially thank Matt Lederman and XADAX.

All free software welcome! We do not discriminate among free kernels based upon the first letter of their names. We shall install as many free systems on as many machines and on as many different kinds of machines as possible. We shall install both Linux kerneled and free *BSD kerneled systems. Any person who installs or helps install the Hurd or Squeak or any Lisp OS or any ML OS will be treated to gin.

All experienced installers are invited to come and help.

All students of economics, of the history of engineering, and of the art of propaganda are invited.

Date: Thursday 19 April 2001.

Time: 4:00 pm to midnight.
Late comers are just as welcome as those who arrive at 4:00 pm.

Location: XADAX
161 West 22nd Street, near Seventh Avenue
on the Second Floor
above the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
on the Island of Manhattan.

Hardware: Bring the boxes on which you wish to run a Free OS. Though it is safest to bring your monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you need not. We will have such available onsite. Internet connections via ethernet will be provided. Telephone lines will be provided, so we can help with PPP.

Software: Bring whatever distribution CDs, boot and rescue disks, boot managers, tiny distributions, manuals, and anything else you want. Again, you need not bring any of these things, since they will be available onsite.